Year: 2021

Year: 2021

The Best Blog Planner Toolkit to Make Your Blog Successful
November 1, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

Want consistency and quality on your blog? Feeling like you can only choose one of those? You’re not alone. Between your clients, admin work, emails, keeping up to date with your industry, and taking actual breaks, your time and energy to regularly maintain a consistent, quality blog are scarce. The solution? A blog planner that works for

Benefits of Having a Business Plan
October 28, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

Whether you’re starting a small business or exploring ways to expand an existing business, a Business Plan is an important tool to help guide your decisions. An effective Business Plan is a roadmap to success, providing clarity on all aspects of your business, from marketing and finance, through to operations, products, services, people and how

Key Benefits of Having a Weekly Planner
October 14, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

Time management is one of the biggest challenges even for the most talented and motivated people. It is a fact that the productivity levels vary from day to day, and modern tools that are supposed to help us work better and faster can be turned against us – think of all the time you lose

Best Planners for Entrepreneurs to Succeed in 2021
October 1, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

Being a blogger and an entrepreneur, I appreciate how important goal setting, planning, and creativity is. That’s why I rounded up this list of the best planners for entrepreneurs in 2021! We all realize that entrepreneurs have hectic schedules, but the lives of a professional blogger can be pretty intense, too. Particularly when you’re blogging

How Planning Affects You
September 23, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

What is Planning? The word “planning” is hard for many people to understand because it is a concept, not something you can hold in your hands or visualize easily in your mind. For those who work in the planning field, the vagueness of the word and the wide range of issues and activities it embraces

Meal-Planning Made Simple
September 15, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

MEAL PLANNING MADE SIMPLE Do you struggle when it comes to deciding what to feed your family for dinner and then having to cook it? When you’ve been busy all day making 101 decisions, one of the last things you probably feel like doing is deciding what to eat for dinner and cooking it. Check out

Start-up business plan: Top 10 tips
September 1, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

Writing a business plan can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. However, it’s something you can’t afford to put off or ignore. Having a sound business plan is crucial to the survival and development of your business. Alan Gleeson explains how to get it right 1. Tailor your business plan to your audience The starting

How to Plan an Event: 15 Tips to Minimize Stress and Increase Productivity
August 23, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

For most creators, getting to a point where event planning is easy is the dream. The planning process can still be challenging for even the most seasoned professionals, though. Enter Eventbrite Boost, the all-in-one marketing platform designed for event creators. Whether you’re connecting people in-person or virtually, for poetry readings or mariachi lessons, cook-along or concerts,

Advantages of Planning
August 12, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

Planning facilitates management by objectives. Planning begins with determination of objectives. It highlights the purposes for which various activities are to be undertaken. In fact, it makes objectives more clear and specific. Planning helps in focusing the attention of employees on the objectives or goals of enterprise. Without planning an organization has no guide. Planning

7 Reasons Why You Should Use A Paper Planner
August 5, 2021 Main Alvin Holmes

Not sure what all the craze around paper planners is about? Well, it’s much more than just a wish to have a pretty notebook. Here are 7 significant benefits of using a planner.     This post may contain affiliate links. They will be of no extra expense for you, but I receive a small