Key Benefits of Having a Weekly Planner

Key Benefits of Having a Weekly Planner
October 14, 2021 Comments Off on Key Benefits of Having a Weekly Planner Main Alvin Holmes

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Time management is one of the biggest challenges even for the most talented and motivated people.

It is a fact that the productivity levels vary from day to day, and modern tools that are supposed to help us work better and faster can be turned against us – think of all the time you lose checking your email every day or giving up to guilty pleasures like shopping online.

Sounds familiar?

If you said yes, then a weekly planner like WeekPlan can be of great help. It is effective in helping you stay focused on your most important tasks, instead of showing you how much work you still need to do in a short time.

Here are 5 reasons why the best weekly planner will help you get things done on time and enjoy your daily activities more:

1. You Can Keep Track of All Responsibilities at Any Moment

A weekly planner can be accessed from any device, including your smartphone, and you can always check upcoming tasks without needing to carry your agenda with you.

With a Weekly Planner, you don’t need to worry about what’s going on with the projects because you can instantly view the status of each and every project in the blink of an eye.

Do you feel like updating your schedule while commuting to work? No problem, you can have a look at all your tasks at any moment, from anywhere.

2. You Get Used to Focus on Important Activities

Do you feel like any activity on your schedule is urgent? It’s a common feeling, and this happens when you forget to prioritize activities by importance.

Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to manage all the tasks of the day, and if you don’t have your priority tasks on top of the list, then it can seriously hurt your performance and productivity.

A good weekly task management software and planner will allow you to keep the most important activities visible at all times along with reminding you about them so you do not get busy in some other task and miss a more important one.

3. You Can Share Your Schedule with Other People


Explaining your daily plans to other people is not only annoying but also time-consuming.

Using a weekly planner, you don’t have to share important data manually with every member because you get the flexibility to share it among the entire team rapidly.

The best weekly planners include team features that allow your family, friends or co-workers to have access to your schedule or a part of it (in case you need privacy) and make it easier to find a moment when you can spend time with them or collaborate.

4. You’ll Increase Your Productivity

Best Planner for Entrepreneurs - Paper Planners, Workbooks

Productivity is quite necessary if you want to hit the deadlines of the projects because if you lack productivity then you won’t be able to finish your target on time.

According to some grim statistics, only 45% of the time people spend at work is, used for completing primary job duties.

It clearly shows how much time employees waste in only their main job.

A reminder from your weekly planner will help you avoid procrastination at work and you will certainly stop wasting your valuable time, by investing it in being productive.

5. You’ll have a Feeling of Accomplishment

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The feeling of accomplishment after completing all the tasks by the end of the week does not only satisfy you but keeps you motivated towards work. It boosts your interest at work so that you can accomplish any complicated task with ease.

Each time you cross out an activity in your weekly planner or mark it as complete, you’ll feel closer to attaining your goals and get a sense of achievement.

It’s a well-known fact that you enjoy your leisure time more when you know you’ve done your job!


In this advanced world where technology is almost everywhere around us, a weekly planner is no less than a breath of fresh air. Many of us plan our day but what happens is that they easily forget almost half of the things that they wanted to accomplish.

Keeping all that in mind, you can’t deny the significance of weekly planners because they help to plan and organize your tasks in advance to a single place so that you don’t forget them.

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