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How to Use a Planner Effectively
August 18, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

Some planners have additional features in the front or back sections, such as “dates to remember,” goal trackers and password logs. Use these sections! Keeping a to-do list can help you feel organized, but without proper planning, it’s easy for that list to get out of control. Using a personal planner can help you prioritize your

The Main Reasons Why You Should Have A Daily Planner
June 6, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

Every person should have a daily planner, this is because it can be used in so many different ways and will keep you organized. A daily planner does not need to be expensive or fancy and there are hundreds of planners to choose from. A daily planner helps you plan your personal life out. You

8 Steps for Using a Paper Planner Effectively
April 26, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

Paper planners are effective only if you use them properly and regularly. Here are some ways to get into the groove, if you’re not yet an addict! Perhaps you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to become more organized. Paper planners are an old-fashioned yet effective way to stay on top of everything that has to

April 5, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

The act of planning, particularly using a paper planner, has lots of hidden benefits that may surprise you! We all know how planning helps with time management and organization, even when everything doesn’t go as planned. But are there hidden benefits of planning highly organized and successful people use to their advantage? Keep reading to find

The Importance of Daily Planning and How to Apply it
March 17, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

If you reached this article you probably are not that good with daily planning, right? Like many of us. It’s normal. We haven’t born with the ability to plan, be organized neither with the gift of productivity. It’s all about creating the habit of doing things that improve our efficiency So let’s take a look at the importance of

5 benefits of using a student planner for children
March 1, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

A student planner is a time-management tool that helps students organize all the things they need to do throughout the week, semester and academic year at school. It makes it easy to plan out school work and stay organized. The academic pressure placed on school children can be difficult to handle, especially since there is so much for them

February 14, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

When you lead a busy life, it’s essential that you keep it organized. Very few people have the cognitive capacity to keep track of all the demands of career, family, and social life. For that, you need a daily planner. Here are six reasons why. 1. MAINTAIN EFFECTIVE SCHEDULES Effective scheduling is a crucial part

10 Simple Tips To Effectively Use Your Daily Planner To Maximise Productivity
February 2, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

Let’s be honest: we are all guilty of making New Year resolutions in January and some of them never really get to take off. The consoling news, however, is that we’re not alone and it is okay to lose motivation. Time can be quite the complicated medium to manage, and over the years, I have come

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Daily Planner
January 31, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

It’s back-to-school time for many families and the stores are full of brightly-colored notebooks, calendars, and planners. Even though I’m long past having a school-age child in the house, I love this time of year as it seems like a great time to get organized. You might be aware of the basics about using a

6 Strategies for Building Better Student Relationships
January 21, 2022 Main Alvin Holmes

A teacher shares her best practices for establishing strong relationships with her class at the start of the school year. chewy / iStock One day, Alyssa, an eighth-grade student, came to our middle school wearing a purple bandanna as a headband, even though she knew that our school’s dress code does not allow bandannas. While